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Aerospace Advanced Drilling


Aerospace Advanced Drilling: Products


The MOAD is a portable, power feed precision drilling unit
powered by a .45 horsepower pneumatic motor. It performs a
complete, automatic drilling cycle with the touch of a button. In
a typical application, the unit is locked into a drill jig or
template with the use of an industry standard taper lock
bushing. The feed rate is manually adjustable as is the drilling
depth or stroke. The MOAD 200 has 2” of stroke and is
available in a variety of RPM ranging from 500 to 20,000. The
unit is outfitted with a collet chuck that uses standard 200
series DA collets. In addition, the MOAD has the ability to
deliver coolant to the cutter through the bushing from an
outside source. Attachments are also available to aid in
vacuuming composite dust and or chips away from the work

Key Features / Benefits
• Ergonomic / lightweight design – weighs approx. 6.5 Lbs.
• Quiet – 80 Dba. Exhaust vent rotates 360 degrees.
• .45 Horsepower motor
• Available in 500, 1000, 2400, 3300, 4500, 6000 & 20,000 RPM
• Drilling capacity = 3/8” Diameter in Titanium

11376 Boeing mock up 3.JPG

Feed Control Drill

The FCD is a hand held, feed controlled drill capable of drilling
precise holes in a variety of materials. The unit is powered by a
1.5 horsepower pneumatic motor and available in a variety of
speeds and stroke lengths. The feed rate is adjustable and
controlled by a hydraulic speed regulator or “Kinechek”. The
FCD utilizes an industry standard, quick change style cutter and
is capable of producing “single pass”, drill/ream operations. The
unit can be outfitted with an air blast system and or an on-demand
mist lubrication system that sprays coolant on the
cutter. In a typical application, the FCD is outfitted with a
template boss that mates to a corresponding drill jig or
template. The unit is then placed by the operator in location
and a feed controlled, manual drill cycle is completed.
Key Features / Benefits
• Precision drilling capabilities in a hand held unit
• On board lubrication – air blast system
• Quick / Easy cutter change
• 1.5 Horsepower motor
• Available in a variety of speeds from 600 to 23,000 RPM
• Models available with 1.00, 1 ¼ & 1 ½” of stroke

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